Students of the Chair distinguish themselves!
Etienne Sinotte received the JA Bombardier Scholarship at the Master s level and Martine El Ouardi received the JA Bombardier Scholarship at the Doctoral level. Juan Manuel Morales and Garance Robert received the Fonds de recherche du Québec Societe et cultures doctoral research scholarship
Annabelle Dias Felix succesfully defends her doctoral thesis!
Congratulations to Annabelle Dias Felix who brilliantly defended, on Wednesday June 1st at UdeM, her thesis entitled, Le travail policier au coin de la rue, de Mexico a Rio de Janeiro
Commitment grows where it is sown Le Carré Casgrain, from an open garden to a collective citizen
This book allows us to reflect on the transformations of the forms of citizen engagement, and to share these reflections through the inspiring story of a citizen collective and its members.
Congratulations to Romain Busnel, winner of three awards for his doctoral thesis!
He received three awards for his doctoral thesis, defended in November 2020, directed by Françoise Montambeault and Camille Goirand.


Le système électoral guatémaltèque : entre tentatives de réformes, nouvelles dynamiques et menaces autoritaires, IdeAs, 19

L'engagement pousse là où on le sème : Le Carré Casgrain, de jardin ouvert à collectif citoyen, Écosociété, 1 septembre 2021

When Informality Matters: Participatory Security Reform and Mechanisms of Social Embeddedness in Nezahualcóyotl, Mexico, Journal of Latin American Studies, p.1-28

Participation and Citizenship(s)

The Canada Research Chair in Participation and Citizenship(s) seeks to explore the links between forms of participation and the individual, collective and relational trajectories of the construction of citizenship(s) from a comparative perspective. The objective is to better understand from a theoretical point of view the institutional and emerging forms of participation, and their interactions with the processes of inclusion and (re)definition/transformation of the boundaries of this citizenship.


Under the tenure of Françoise Montambeault, Professor at the Department of Political Science of the University of Montreal, the research falls within the field of comparative politics. They are interested in civic participation, democracy, social inclusion, expanding access to citizenship rights and redefining the boundaries of citizens' membership in political communities.


See the Chaire’s participations and events to come.

From Victims to Resilient Citizens: The Policy Feedback Effects of State Violence
Crises en Amérique latine
Nicaragua, Violences contre les femmes. De la révolution aux pactes pour le pouvoir